Un large family & a close knit team

Don Cesar is a family business that offers audiovisual professionals housing, offices, and services to facilitate the realization of their projects.
Based in Las Terrenas, in Dominican Republic, our team will support you by offering you the services that will be most suited to your needs.

About us

A competent, close-knit and helpful team, able to adapt to the specific needs of the projects you wish to carry out, organized, responsive and trusting work.

Our expertise at your service

Rich in varied experiences and coming from diverse backgrounds, we are a versatile, enthusiastic, and dynamic team with complementary skills.
The Don Cesar is above all a big family and we will welcome you in the best conditions!
We have been collaborating with audiovisual productions for 10 years, which has allowed us to fully understand your essential, practical and technical needs.
We also speak French & Spanish.
In this sense, we have created and optimized our basecamp for you and your teams.

Don Cesar team

Caroline Reviglio


Cesar Reviglio


Hugo Reviglio


Philippe Aubert

Maintenance manager

Manon Cecconi

Chief Accountant

Ella de Martino

Marketing Director
Rental Manager

Banesa Mota Reynoso

Rental Manager